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bermuda vacation
Many people dream of a relaxing Bermuda vacation, and why not?

With its near-perfect weather and beautiful scenery, it's easy to see why Bermuda is the destination of over 500,000 tourists every year. This 21 square mile island has a lot to offer including gorgeous beaches, fine hotels, great dining and pretty much anything else that you would want in a tropical island's vacation.

Bermuda is pretty easy to get to, especially from the East Coast of the US. You can fly there in a bit over two hours on any one of a number of airlines. But some people prefer more leisurely route, and there are many ways to visit Bermuda via the cruise line. In fact, there are several cruises that list Bermuda as a "port of call" where you can spend varying amounts of time on the island.

A Bermuda vacation is definitely one for those who like to relax. Certainly looking around will leave all the stresses of modern life with its pastel cottages, tropical scenery and sundrenched beaches, Bermuda is a far cry from the modern city that most vacationers are trying to escape. In fact, Britain's oldest colony boasts no flashing lights or neon signs and very limited car traffic.

While laying on one of the beautiful pink sand beaches is certainly a priority if you're vacationing in Bermuda. You also want to set some time to experience the vibrant culture. There is interesting dining, great rum drinks, wonderful shopping and plenty of activities from golfing to sailing as well as a museum visitor to that you can add to your itinerary.

If you're into diving or snorkeling and you'll definitely want to bring your gear on your Bermuda vacation where the clear waters offer a variety of captivating underwater creatures and sunken relics for you to explore. You can also go helmet diving which is a little bit like scuba diving but a lot easier. Helmet diving can be done by travelers of any age and you can literally walk on the ocean floor using a special helmet that keep you dry.

Into golf? Bermuda offers golf courses that are unlike any other. The Bermuda ground is firmer and hillier than other places and so these courses can present a challenge to any player. Designed to be challenging but short a game of golf in Bermuda is sure to be an enjoyable outing.

Bermuda offers three types of fishing fishing from shore, deep-sea fishing and reef fishing. Anglers can find snapper and barracuda near one of the three coral reefs that border the coast of Bermuda. If it's the blue Marlin thereafter, they deep-sea fishing trip is sure to be in experience.

A Bermuda vacation offers something for everyone, beach going, shopping, historic sites and outdoor activities. And when it's all on a tropical island paradise with near-perfect weather, who wouldn't want to spend a vacation here?