Bermuda Vacation Guide

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Bermuda Beaches You Might Want To Visit
Bermuda Beaches are famous for their beautiful pink sands and turquoise waters and, in fact, this island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Choosing A Bermuda Hotel
If you are looking at vacationing in Bermuda then chances are that you'll be able to find a Bermuda hotel that suits both your taste and budget.

Bermuda Travel Offers Something For Everyone
In addition to the beautiful water activities and historical aspects, Bermuda travel offers great shopping and fine dining as well as a wonderful Botanical Garden, a Maritime Museum where you can swim with dolphins, a 120 foot underground tour in the Crystal Caves, and a Zoo and Natural History Museum.

Elbow Beach Bermuda
This mile-long beach located on South Shore Road in Bermuda has beautiful pink sand and is buffered by a coral reef which gives it the calmest waters just for men and all of Bermuda.

The History And Beauty Of Hamilton Bermuda
Hamilton Bermuda is the capital of the beautiful island of Bermuda and is named after Sir Henry Hamilton who was its governor from 1778 to 1794.

Try A Bermuda Cruise For An Interesting Vacation
A Bermuda Cruise is a popular vacation choice for many people and what better way to get a look at this unique island with its pastel cottages, turquoise waters and pink sand beaches.

Choosing A Bermuda Resort
If you're vacationing in Bermuda, then staying in a Bermuda resort in will offer you the finest accommodations along with the pampering that you deserve in your vacation. Here are some of the top resorts in luxury hotels you might consider staying at.

A Peek At The Bermuda Weather
Bermuda is a popular vacation destination and one thing that attracts visitors here is the famous Bermuda weather. The Gulf Stream keeps the air temperate in the overall climate can be described as subtropical.

Finding A Flight To Bermuda
Finding a flight to read a visit difficult at all as thankfully there are many places that will fly to this popular tourist destination.